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Bilco Roof Hatches

The Bilco Company has served the building industry since 1926. During these years it has built a reputation among architects, engineers, and the construction trades for dependability and for products that are unequaled in design and workmanship.

Under the same family of ownership and management since its beginning, Bilco has been a pioneer in the development of the unique line of horizontal doors illustrated and described throughout this web site. In addition to the products shown, Bilco also specializes in the custom design and manufacture of specialty access solutions. Years of engineering experience combined with the most modern equipment available allow Bilco to design access products for virtually every application.

Acudor Access Panels

For over 25 years ACUDOR has earned a reputation for providing the construction industry with affordable quality products. Acudor Products Inc. manufactures a complete line of high-quality, innovative access doors for walls, ceilings, floors, ducts, and roofs. In addition to offering a wide variety of standard styles and sizes, Acudor has the manufacturing capability and engineering know-how to supply custom-made products to meet any construction need.

Karp Access Panels

Karp Associates is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of access doors. Karp's innovative manufacturing process features three robotic systems called "cells." Each "cell" produces doors at a rate of 400 to 500 percent faster than humans. Over 75 percent of all Karp doors are produced in Karp's Robotics Department, ensuring that customers get the best quality door with the quickest availability. It also provides Karp with the ability to maintain a complete stock at all times of almost every door available. And if out of stock, doors can be produced and shipped within 72 hours.

Global Toilet Stalls


Global is the world's largest manufacture and supplier of toilet partitions. The styles, finishes, and applications offered by GLOBAL are nearly endless. In addition to providing a wide range of product options, Global is dedicated to meeting unique delivery requirements and design specifications. To learn more about the wide range of Global products, click on the link above to visit their Web site.

Amweld Hollow Metal Entry Doors

Since 1946, Amweld has been a leading manufacturer of quality hollow metal doors and frames. Amweld's manufacturing process uses the latest roll-forming techniques to fabricate frames to the highest tolerance in the industry, producing door hardware that fits right, every time.

Draper Projection Screens and Gym Equipment

Draper has been making projection screens for almost half a century, with a reputation for quality products and innovative ideas that is known throughout the industry. With one of the most comprehensive product lines in the world, Draper makes projection screens to fit almost any application. Also, Draper is the only manufacturer that manually inspects each screen for quality and accuracy before it leaves the factory.

You'll find the same quality and dependability in Draper's athletic equipment that has made them an industry leader in Audio-Visual products.

Penco Lockers and Shelving

Penco lockers and shelving are built to stand the test of time. They should know-Penco has manufactured steel storage products since 1869! Penco lockers and shelving are known in the industry for rugged, dependable design. Both lockers and shelving are available in the widest assortment of configurations and sizes.

To learn more about the full line of Penco products, click on the link above to visit their Web site.

Claridge Chalkboards

Since 1947, Claridge Products and Equipment has grown to be the national leader of chalkboards manufactured and sold in the United States. With vast experience and the largest up-to-date manufacturing facilities, Claridge is able to provide services and meet special requirements not offered by others in the chalkboard industry. Modified sizes, custom match finishes--even special designs--are all available from Claridge. Moreover, Claridge is the only visual display board manufacturer who makes all types of chalkboards and markerboards and extrudes and finishes aluminum trim.

Industrial Louvers

Industrial Louvers, Inc. has been a major supplier of products to the construction industry since its founding in 1971. A designer, developer and manufacturer of architectural louvers, equipment screens, decorative grilles, sunshades and column covers, the company has consistently provided high-quality products to all segments of the industry.

Louvers and other miscellaneous metal products are available in a wide variety of types, sizes, materials and finishes. The product line is brought to market by an experienced network of manufacturer agents representing the company throughout the country. ILI is recognized as a leader in the louver and specialized metal industry with an excellent reputation for product of the highest quality and craftsmanship.